Fine Pruning

We specialize in fine pruning, focusing on safety, health, and aesthetics. Late winter or early spring are good times to prune before growth begins. Proper pruning and trimming are critical elements that are conducive for health of the tree. Over-pruning or improper pruning (topping) can have devastating effects as well as jeopardize the integrity of the tree.

We are located in Orinda and service the East Bay, including Orinda, Moraga, Lafayette, Alamo, Danville, Walnut Creek, Concord, Pleasant Hill, Martinez, Piedmont, Montclair, Berkeley, Oakland, and more.


Tree pruning is an important practice that improves the health, safety and aesthetics of trees. It promotes proper tree growth, mitigates hazards, and adds to the vitality of the natural landscapes.


Tree pruning contributes to the well-being  and safety of trees.

  • Pruning removes diseased and dead branches, which encourages healthier growth and prevents the spread of infections.
  • Pruning properly leads to strong branch structure and prevents weak, crowded, or crossing branches, which are prone to breaking during storms and heavy winds. 
  • Proper pruning shapes trees for a more pleasing appearance and improving their visual appeal.
  • Pruning encourages safety by eliminating hazardous branches that pose a risk to people and property. 
  • Pruning can increase sunlight penetration and air circulation within the canopy, which promotes better tree health and vigor. 


Effective tree pruning / trimming involves a variety of different techniques, which East Bay Tree Service has perfected: 

  • Crown Cleaning: Weak, dead and diseased branches are removed, which enhances safety and overall tree health. 
  • Crown Thinning: Interior branches are removed, opening up the canopy, and allowing light and air to penetrate, in addition to reducing wind resistance. 
  • Crown Raising: Lower branches are removed to provide more clearance under the tree, for people, vehicles, etc.
  • Crown Reduction: The height and spread of the tree is reduces, which minimizes stress and controls the size of the tree. 
  • Directional Pruning: Branches are pruned to direct growth away from structures, power lines, and other obstacles.

By understanding the importance and techniques of proper tree pruning, we can help your trees flourish, maintaining the healthy, safety, and aesthetics of your property. 

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