Stump Grinding & Removal

As stumps decompose, they become a haven for bugs, beetles and termites. Once a stump is removed, replanting or landscaping is possible. Removing stumps with limited access is our specialty. We can remove small, large, or even massive stumps which have uprooted. Six different machines enable us to remove various size stumps in any location.

We are located in Orinda and service the East Bay, including Orinda, Moraga, Lafayette, Alamo, Danville, Walnut Creek, Concord, Pleasant Hill, Martinez, Piedmont, Montclair, Berkeley, Oakland, and more.


Due to factors like disease, structural instability, or the need for clear space, tree removal is sometimes necessary, leaving a stump. Stump grinding and removal is a separate service provided by East Bay Tree Service either immediately after or soon after your tree is cut down.

Stump removal is usually recommended because old stumps can become breeding grounds for pests, pose a tripping hazard, and can even inhibit the growth of new vegetation or hinder landscaping efforts.


Stump grinding is the most efficient way to remove a stump. It involves specialized equipment that reduces the stump to wood chips and mulch. Here’s why it’s a preferred method:

  • Stump grinding typically leaves no trace of the stump, and minimizes disturbance to your landscape.
  • Grinding the stump below ground level eliminates tripping hazards
  • The mulch that results from stump grinding produces organic material that enriches the soil, and promotes new growth.

As highlighted here, leaving the stump after tree removal can lead to a variety of issues. Plus, stumps are ugly.

If aesthetics and the health of your landscapes is important, stump grinding can help you say goodbye to what’s left after your tree is cut down.

Please call 925.377.8733 or reach out today to schedule a quote for stump grinding in Moraga, Orinda, Lafayette and other nearby cities.